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No Same Sex 1.0

Skyrim classic edition

  1. hexaae


    Do you like the Amulet of Mara but you're not interested in same sex marriage? Other NPCs with the same sex won't show interest in you anymore.

    ...By request, and since I've not found another mod to do this.

    To know more about the Amulet of Mara go talk to the priest Maramal in Riften..
    Do you like the Amulet of Mara enchantment (Restoration spells cost 10% less to cast) but you're not interested in same sex marriage? Other NPCs with same sex won't show interest in you anymore (as a result you can't marry them). This works for both men and women player characters.

    Should be compatible with anything since it's a very basic and clean mod: no scripts, no race changes, no factions editing...

    Supported languages: ENG, ITA, FR, GER, SPA, POL, RUS, CZ.
    Please, install and activate only the mod in your own language!

    It will add an option for a more realistic experience, as I think that also in modern life homosexual guys don't usually try to seduce straight guys and vice-versa... A sort of choose your male/female character pre-setting at the beginning of the game and nothing more.

    Added POL, RUS, CZ languages and Don't hit on me version: won't get spontaneous comments from the other NPCs. You still can marry them of course if you start the dialog.

    Be happy, life is short... and this is just a video-game!

    It's a Skyrim classic mod. Feel free to update it to work on Skyrim SE if you want but remember to credit me (Hexaae) as author.